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Buffalo snow storm

Well, we are now into the third day of this ongoing snow "event." In some areas of the southeast 'burbs they have up to 9ft of snow and counting. I live just a few miles south of those 'burbs and have received only a couple inches. The snow band is expected to move our way this afternoon and drop a foot or so before it all fades away Friday. Even in this region where snowstorms are expected, this is unprecedented. Unfortunately, the end of the event doesn't end the emergency. Temps are expected to rise this weekend with rain.

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Friend facing layoff: no Plan B

I just had a very disheartening online converstion with a friend who lives near Anaheim, CA. She teaches kindergarten.

I got my latest evaluation, and my principal sang my praises as if there were no tomorrow. I adapt for each child, I have super classroom management, I’m well respected by my peers and throughout the district, I’m an asset to the school, blah, blah, blah.

Yeah, yeah, and I walk on water. Moving on.

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Let's be less egocentric, short-sighted and simplistic about all this

I am curious...why everybody thinks and post as if the world will end? I see posts here from 2008 and wonder what are those people doing/thinking now, four years later...

I learned about what we call “peak oil” (that really encompasses financial breakdown, climate change, peak oil, etc.) back in January this year (2012). I have read a few books and follow some blogs, such as this, the Peak Oil Blues and the PCI, among others.

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it's the little things

Lessons from Hurricane Irene.

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Paying down personal debt

Yesterday I dropped by to see my personal banker at my small, highly rated, local bank. She's the district manager now so I thought she would have a finger on the pulse of the local economy. "How are people doing"" I asked.

"It depends," she answered. "Some have their house paid off and no debt and they are doing okay, But some . . ." she frowned and looked at a loss for words.

"But some have huge underwater mortgages?" I prompted.

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Tom Brown Jr. Wilderness Survival Tracker student years ago...

Hi all,

I've just joined this board and am learning lots from you. But I need to know more and which way to go...

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Household Cleaning Equiptment & Cleaners

Looking to share some post-reliable/affordable energy home cleaning preparations I've been doing, and to gleen more ideas from others! First for me is how to keep the house clean without electricity? To this beginign I've acquired the following:

2 Dust Mops w/ washable heads & 2 replacement heads

2 Carpet Sweepers (manual)

3 Foaming Handsoap dispensers (manual pump; uses 75% less soap)

4 gallons White Cider Vinegar (as cleaning agent)

10 Lbs Baking Soda (as cleaning agent; can be used w/ vinergar, too)

1 Scrubbing Board


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"areas best suited to survive" resources?

Hello all, I have recently joined and am enjoying all the good information.  That said, I was hoping for some help with a search I have embarked on recently.