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Weekly Update 6.30.17

Alternatives? Chris - This is such a great update - thanks!  I'm wondering if given your Toxicology background if you or perhaps some of the folks in our community have recommendations for alternatives to the biocides being sold?  ...

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The EPA Is Full Of Idiots

I hate to be this disparaging, but there’s no other conclusion I can come to besides that the EPA is full of idiots or so utterly captured by economic interests that it cannot manage to do its job at all and should therefore be disbanded. Fire ...

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VIDEO: How Eating Organic Cuts Pesticide Levels in Our Bodies

A Swedish family is used a test case to measure the change in blood pesticide levels before switching to an organic diet, and then again afterwards: Note: If you're reading this and are not yet a member of Peak Prosperity's ...

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More Research Identifying Pesticides As Major Cause of CCD

Here's a new report from the Harvard School of Public Health that provides additional evidence that pesticides, neonicotinoids in particular, are highly linked with colony collapse disorder (CCD): REUTERS/HEINZ-PETER BADER ...

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Scientists Discover Key Molecule Linking Neonicotinoids to Honey Bee Viruses

From EcoNews : Scientists Discover Key Molecule Linking Neonicotinoids to Honey Bee Viruses A team of scientists in Italy believe they have found the molecular mechanism through which neonicotinoid pesticides adversely impacts the ...

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