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100 Mornings - Movie

Has anyone seen the movie, "100 Mornings" ?

Its set in Ireland, in the mountains of County Wicklow. Apparently 2 months after some kind of collapse event. The grid is down, communications are gone, the local Police sergent has become the king of the village. It seems to have been very well researched and goes into the emotional and physical issues of isolation, hunger, relationships with family / neighbours.

I think it's well worth watching, it's obviously set in rural Ireland, which has a particular set of circumstances and environment.

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THRIVE - What On Earth Will It Take?

Today is the online release date for a really important movie and a follow on movement:

or view the Trailer Here:


I'm watching full movie now... Streaming for US$ 5.....

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Renegade Economist: The Four Horsemen

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The Postman

I think most people either like this movie a lot, or it doesn't mean anything to them.


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Money & Life....

I just came across this interesting trailer for the movie:
Money & Life... This clips presents some interesting ideas...
"Our Challenge is to bring money back to
the place where it belongs in Human life." -Jacob Needleman

One amazing quote...~" only 5% of our money is used for
goods, services, capital and capital equipment... the rest 
is money making money off of money..~".

Your comments...

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Carbon Nation - Movie...

Great Optomistic view about Green Solutions. 
Intresting that our US military understands that
"Green, Baby, is the new Red White and Blue"

Movie shown in selective locations... Released to DVD Aug 1, 2011.

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Inside Job

The movie is coming out in March. You can pre order on Amazon. I think this movie is going to wake a lot of people up! Jon

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The Book of Eli / Community (of course!)

Hey gang --

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The International

I rented Hancock this weekend and it had the preview for this movie, The International. It looks pretty good. Comes out next month.

Here's the website.