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I'm mining on the Ethereum blockchain....want to watch?

Admit it.  You're curious.  Right?  I get it. So for your voyeurism pleasure, I'll share with you what I'm doing for my own little 'mining' shop in my basement. I've got two pc's - each with their own AMD  gaming ...

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NYC Metals & Mining Investment Conference

Chris is now scheduled to present at the 2014 Metals & Mining Investment Conference in New York City. He'll join other speakers such as Ron Paul, Rick Rule and Bud Conrad. The conference is May 12-13. Chris is speaking in the ...

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Infographic: What is the Cost of Mining Gold?

From  VisualCapitalist : (gold, mining, precious metals, silver) From VisualCapitalist: gold,mining,precious metals,silver ...

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PM Miners: Of Blood in the Streets, and Catching Falling Knives

Every time I think we are at the stage of a final, cathartic puke on the mining stocks.. they take another 5% down day.  Today is another of those 5% (average) down days... and you just have to wonder when the world wakes up to the fact that these ...

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