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Chris & Mike Maloney Talk Money

Recorded while in Tucson, AZ earlier this month, this video discussion between Chris and Mike Maloney expounds on how our current monetary system has been created by the banks, for the banks: Note: If you're reading this and are not ...

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Reminder of the Undervaluation of Gold & Silver

This new video from Mike Maloney is full of charts and data providing a great reminder of the relative undervaluation of both gold & silver right now. Anyone sweating the recent continued monkeying of PM prices should watch this -- you'll feel ...

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More Chris & Mike Maloney: Why Did Silver & Gold Collapse?

While Chris and I were at the GoldSilver offices last Friday (the first day of the smack-down in the precious metals), the media team there filmed this discussion between Chris and Mike Maloney. In it, they delve into the question Qui bono? (Who ...

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What Smarter Minds Than Mine Think About Gold

If you're long the precious metals, beatings like they're taking today (gold down 4%, silver down 6%) can seriously shake your confidence. At times of self-doubt like these, I look to learn what people smarter than I are thinking; as ...

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