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The Alternative Market project has been launched!

My final post here, as I am leaving this board. I really don't feel welcome here anymore. A lot of good people have been removed. I miss their imput. Good luck can find me here from now on.

Why choose to participate in a system that doesn’t work? A system that is designed to drain the people of wealth instead of enriching them and their lives? A system that is constructed upon irrational principles, faulty laws, and unstable values? A system on the verge of collapse?

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What's Going on in The Market Today (8/11)?

Alright, I'll kick it off.  It's 11:30 a.m. ET.

The Dow is down about -240.  Why are stocks taking such a beating today?

The 10-year yield is now down to 2.70.

Gold started out strong, up to near $1210 but in the last little bit it's fallen sharply, down to about $1192.

Meanwhile, the dollar index is going nutso, up 1.27.  Of course, this makes perfect sense after the Fed announced yesterday that it's going to flood the world with dollars.  Not!

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Coffee Talk -- Today's Market

Topics:  Euro breaks $1.20.  Dow breaks 10,000.  Job report bad.  Hungary admits to being on verge of default.  Ted-spread rising.  And gold is up.

Let's hit "refresh" and discuss.

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Number high school/college of grads for 2010- California

California State University= 100,000 grads

University of California= 40,000 grads

Private universities

USD= 1500 grads

USC= 8000 grads

U of Redlands= 1000 grads

USF= 2000 grads

Chapman= 1800 grads

Loyola= 2000 grads

Stanford= 3500 grads

Santa Clara U= 2000 grads

U of Pacific= 1500 grads

Pepperdine= 2000 grads

Biola= 1800

Azusa Pacific= 2200

Cal Baptist= 1000

160,000 college grads to enter the job market, more or less.

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Jan 1, 2008 market forecast from permabull lol

With Wall Street analysts forecasting where the market will be 12 months from now, I figured I would take a crack as well. As an overview, I expect market volatility to continue throughout the first quarter and mid-way through the second as well. Then it will be clear to all that the U.S. never was in a recession, we will start hearing companies talk about how well their businesses are doing, and analysts will re-work their estimates higher.

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S&P 500 index down 9.2% off its intermediate bull market peak

I believe i should be able to rightfully take credit for calling the market top. Either im one lucky swing trader or ive got some 6th sense with markets. I have been successful in shorting gold at 1210, shorting crude from its recent 83.50 high (but covered a bit too soon at 74).

Check my old posts and you will see that SPX could peak at 1150, i was saying this back in May/June/July and have only started shorting now. Traders were showing charts of the 1929-32 bear market and i responded by saying that the FED was being much more aggressive now than it was back then.

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Look Out Above: Another Short Squeeze is Coming

This chart is screaming "major rally on the way"

This stupid market will continue to rise as long as the dumb money is betting on a decline. 

I know a lot people think this market is being manipulated, but when you look at market sentiment you can clearly see that many of the worse traders are still very quick to short the market. You can be sure that the big boys won't miss out on another opportunity to take the little guy's money.

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There is no such thing as a free market - and never will be!

John Michael Greer's latest blog post, called Harnessing Hippogriffs.  He debunks the idea that a free market has ever existed or even can exist. He also exposes the argument that we can either have a "free-market, capitalist" system or a "socialist" system for what it is: a straw man.  I'm sure it will generate some controversy here, so have fun!