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John Hussman On Market Mean-Reversion

Here is the excellent presentation John Hussman gave at the 2014 Wine Country Conference in Sonoma, CA. John is an exceptionally quantitative scholar of the markets, which is apparent in spades in this presentation. He shows some very powerful charts ...

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John Hussman: The Importance of Understanding the Tenuous Equilibria of the Markets

At the Wine Country Conference in Sonoma, California two weeks ago, John Hussman gave a presentation on the importance of equilibrium in today's markets. Many of the conference attendees were at the conference specifically to hear John ...

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What Smarter Minds Than Mine Think About Gold

If you're long the precious metals, beatings like they're taking today (gold down 4%, silver down 6%) can seriously shake your confidence. At times of self-doubt like these, I look to learn what people smarter than I are thinking; as ...

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Wine Country Conference April 5, 2013 - Sonoma, CA

Investment Ideas for Unconventional Times Join Chris in Sonoma (just 1 hour north of San Francisco) for a unique gathering with of some of the strongest independent thinkers of our day. Attendees will hear from speakers and participate in ...

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