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From a specialized job to repairing cars, without experience?

Hello friends, In the meantime I feel I should make a rather difficult decision, to stay at my current job, or leave it. My work is sort of railway engineering, in a department of stress analyses and simulations. It is rather specialized and ...

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New Book: Get A Job, Builid a Real Career & Defy A Bewildering Economy

Charles Hugh Smith has just released a new book: Get A Job, Build A Real Career & Defy A Bewildering Economy . For the next 48 hours (until Tuesday night), he is offering a special 20% discount on the Kindle version of the book to his ...

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Coping with income transition to your authentic career

Note: This is a long-winded answer to Gemel's income reduction question in the thread "Following your technique Adam". I thought this subject deserved it's own discussion since it is perhaps the most challenging aspect of the ...

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Finding Your Authentic Career

To help you  identify & transition to a career aligned with your aptitudes, goals and passions. (career, income, job, jobs, work) To help you identify & ...

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