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Advice: Buy MORE Gold/Silver or hedge with Real Estate?

Hello all, I'm out here in Afghanistan and saving my money.  When I come back home I have a decision to make...  Buy MORE Gold/Silver or start to hedge with real estate rental properties?  I was hoping you guys could give me insight on this ...

Forum topic - TommyHolly - Mar 11 2012 - 10:11am - 8 comments

how to invest in productive farmland

Food is essential, and healthy food  - healthy for humanity and for Nature- is critical.  I would like to invest in farming which provides both,  to preserve and grow my assets while promoting the welfare of humanity and the earth.  Does anyone have ...

Forum topic - Pioneer - Nov 21 2010 - 6:57pm - 6 comments

What should I invest in?

If you have a mortgage free farm & $500,000 cash in the bank – what would you do with that cash? Re: What should I invest in? Save it to pay the taxes on the farm. Seriously though, the question can't be answered accurately ...

Forum topic - dillonlisa1 - Nov 1 2009 - 3:56pm - 9 comments