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The most important rule when investing in ICOs

Although every Ethereum Based ICO I've been involved with gives instructions for this, it is important to remember - you can't send funds from an exchange. They send tokens back to your etherem address you send funds to them with. If you ...

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Bitcoin’s blockchain – it’s not just for money anymore. Your new paradigm awaits.

Bitcoin’s blockchain – it’s not just for money anymore. In case you haven’t been keeping up in the world of cryptocurrencies – Here’s a quick rundown of some of the other currencies and their function. You can catch up on the blockchain discussion ...

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Case Study in likely Blockchain ICO scam

Plucked from the headline of this weekend is a new Initial Coin Offering or *ICO* for a 'new' blockchain that raised almost 16 million dollars. The name of the new venture is "QTum". https://qtum.org/en/ Things to ask ...

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New Blockchain ICO project - help wanted

Attention Blockchain fans ready to take on a project together. Send me a PM if you want to take part. I’m looking for five volunteers to work on a project together. This involves research which takes time, and the ability to use Microsoft Excel. ...

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