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That House Is Worth HOW Much?!?

I have a hard time remaining impartial when looking at the housing market.  First off, it depresses me how quickly the Fed's ZIRP and QE policies have re-blown price bubbles in many US housing markets. Is our collective national memory that ...

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Practical help for our adult children

If you're a member of the Peak Prosperity Elders discussion group, you might have adult children. I do, these adult children run the gamut of responses to the current state of the Three E's: the Economy, Energy and the Environment. I ...

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Angelo Mozillo To Be Sued By US Government

Couldn't happen to a nicer crook... From ZeroHedge: US To Sue Angelo Mozilo, Again Nearly a decade after Countrywide was sold to Bank of America in what has become the worst M&A deal of all time, bar none, having resulted in ...

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Know anyone who wants to live in a community with a garden?

There are nine units on the 5-acre property where I live.  It is not an "intentional community" but it is a community of people who look after each other and grow food.  For folks who are hip to peak oil and want to live in a place with ...

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Is Housing Really Recovering?

Shiller in NYT over the weekend ( http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/27/business/housing-markets-future-still-has-many-clouds.html ) stated the housing sector is out of the woods discussing the purchase increase but saying other numbers do not support ...

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Economy Wonks

A forum for sharing news and engaging in debate regarding all things economic (BOJ, credit, currency, debt, deflation, dollar, ECB, Economy, Fed, Federal Reserve, fiat ...

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