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More Research Identifying Pesticides As Major Cause of CCD

Here's a new report from the Harvard School of Public Health that provides additional evidence that pesticides, neonicotinoids in particular, are highly linked with colony collapse disorder (CCD): REUTERS/HEINZ-PETER BADER ...

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Beginning Beekeeping

At the Rowe weekend, a number of people approached me about my experience now that I'm wrapping up my first year as a beekeeper. Given the pace of the weekend, those discussions were rushed. And there were several folks I ended up not having ...

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First-ever honey harvest

File this in the "If I can do it, anybody can do it" column... This weekend, I harvested honey for the first time from my first (and only) hive.  It was amazing. And surprisingly quick and easy. The hive (actually, only 4 frames of ...

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Gather beekeeping wisdom where Peak Prosperity community members can benefit.  (allergy treatment, Beekeeping, honeybees, local food, resilience) Gather beekeeping ...

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