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Review of Flower Pot Heater

I would give the Flower Pot Heater five stars as a useful and enjoyable project, but only if you keep a couple of factors in mind.     First, it will not heat a large room.  I had my single Flower Pot Heater burning in my office for three and a ...

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How badly were your neighbors hit with heating bills?

Our cat enjoying our woodstove How many people in the USA will be impoverished to the point of doing without (or foreclosure) by this just-passed winter’s heating bills? We shudder to think. It was so hard, even though we heat with wood. We ...

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A painful lunchtime phone call

So during my lunch time break I tried to take care of a few home things, one being calling our local propane provider to set up a delivery.  Tank is at 4% and better to have the propane a year early than a day late.  The painful part is that propane ...

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inexpensive woodstove tools

We heat our home with an airtight wood-burning stove. You have to clean the ashes out, and in really cold weather you have to clean out ashes when the stove is running, hot. We have a nice steel ash bucket (a coal hod purchased from a local hardware ...

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