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Severe weather issues

Was anyone's home, family or garden damaged in the freak storms that hit the US this weekend? We had damaging wind and hail but never lost power (except for when we saw the forecast and brought in the few solar panels we had to protect them). ...

Forum topic - Wendy S. Delmater - Jul 2 2012 - 11:19am - 12 comments

What Should I Do?

The most common question by far we get on this website is “ What should I do? ” Once people watch The Crash Course  or read our book Prosper!  (at right) -- and are awakened to the very real threats posed by growing resource scarcity and ...

Page - Adam Taggart - Feb 6 2017 - 1:38pm - 25 comments - 0 attachments

Lessons Learned from a Power Outage

Becca encouraged me to share this here, and I finally found some free moments to do it.  For background, there are six of us - myself, my husband, and four kids ages ten and under.   We live in northern New England where winter temperatures often ...

Forum topic - Amanda Witman - Feb 7 2009 - 6:38pm - 18 comments