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Have you joined/created a Group in your local area yet?

Yes, I've joined one 50% (1 vote) Yes, I had to create one 0% (0 votes) Not yet, but I'm about to! 50% (1 vote) I tried, but couldn't do it ...

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Almost at the 100-Member Milestone!

The Backyard Chickens Group here at has grown to 99 members. Will you be the one to push us over the 100-member milestone? To join, simply  click here  and then click the big blue "Join Today" button.  Do you ...

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Have you joined or created a Group in your local area yet?

Our new Groups are designed to enable you to find and connect with like-minded people in your local area. Since launching 2 weeks ago, nearly 50 groups have been created in the US, Canada, Europe, Mexico and the Mideast. Have you joined one yet? ...

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