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Grand Illusion: The Federal Reserve (Part 1 of 3)

I thought I would repost this as I added it to another post, but it I think it deserves it's own post.

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A look back with William Greider

 People of great wealth and their institutions like banks naturally have
the power to overwhelm people of lesser means. And you can't allow that
in a decent society. It won't survive.

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Summers, Geithner - gonna lead us to the promised land!

Finally US authorities have gotten ‘tough’ with the predator
financial institutions. The world has been waiting for such decisive
intervention since an unending series of Government bailouts of
financial institutions began early in 2008 amounting to now trillions
of taxpayer dollars. Now, with the world’s largest insurance giant,
AIG, the White House Economic Council chairman, Larry Summers has
expressed ‘outrage.’ President Obama himself has entered the fray to
promise ‘justice.’ US Senators have threatened a law to change the

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The Nations Top 545 People, Will They Make A Difference?

Charlie Reese does a nice job of delineating the real source of our governments "unsolveable" problems.  Note that it is up to us to work out the details of how we can exercise demand for change. This could be right up the Martenson Brigades' ultimate alley!  I think the article does a good job of outlining the problem.


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Connecting the Dots..

An interesting video MSNBC connecting some of the dots. Rarely seen reporting in mainstream media.


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Can We Trust the Government?

I'm creating this thread as an offshoot of the 9/11 / New World Order One.

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The Oracle speaks again: Max Keiser/Jim Rodgers

Latvia falls. First Iceland, now Latvia, Who's next!