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Fake gold sovereigns

Today I went to a shop to buy some British gold sovereign coins. It's an established, well-known house with several branches in this city (in South America). I negotiated a price 3% above the spot price of gold. The clerk asked me if I ...

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Naked Short Sale of Gold Coins from an Online Broker

Over a month ago I purchased a small lot of 1/10 th oz American Eagle gold coins from an otherwise very reputable online dealer.   That purchase was March 15th, 35 days ago. Now, I paid 6 days later, and they have a 7 day clearing period even for ...

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If You Buy Coins, You Should See These Photos From A Counterfeit Coins Factory

As if you didn't already have to watch for trillions of dollars or yen or pounds printed from thin air or created at the touch of a button by a Federal Reserve or Bank of Japan, Bank of England... Or just plain fractional reserve lending bringing ...

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