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Farmers Finding Non-GMO Seed More Profitable?

From OffTheGridNews (hat tip to Amanda for sharing): Farmers Abandoning GMO Seeds And The Reason Will Surprise You A growing number of farmers are abandoning genetically modified seeds, but it’s not because they are ideologically ...

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Buy Fresh, Buy GMO - MIT Technology Review January 2014

Hi everyone, I just received an e-mail from the Sebastopol Grange letting me know about this cover on the current issue of MIT Technology Review . I feel sad and enraged at the deception this image cultivates coming from a highly respected ...

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Annual National Heirloom Exposition

Yesterday, I took a trip to the 3rd annual National Heirloom Exposition in Santa Rosa, CA ("The most anticipated pure food event of the year"). I first heard about it about it a month ago, when Jere Gettle mentioned it to me in ...

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GMO Wheat Detection

Just so everyone knows - GMO Roundup Ready Wheat has been detected in fields in Oregon. Other Articles: ...

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Spread the Word: Label GMO

Hi everyone, I am sorry I missed the gathering at Hopmonk.  Family commitment out of town... Brief intro: I have been involved in preppiing and spreading the word about Chris' work for quite a while and my friend Jerry Allen and I brought ...

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