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US & EU Playing a 'Very Dangerous Game' Against Russia

Chris recently appeared on's "Boom Bust" program, warning against a number of macro risks including the "very dangerous game" the West is engaged in over gas flows from Russia (Chris' segment start at 15m:06s): ...

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A painful lunchtime phone call

So during my lunch time break I tried to take care of a few home things, one being calling our local propane provider to set up a delivery.  Tank is at 4% and better to have the propane a year early than a day late.  The painful part is that propane ...

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Infographic: Impact of Oil Field Decline

Sobering infographic on the steep decline in North Sea oil production and the escalation of high-cost oil and gas exploration: (source) Note: If you're reading this and are not yet a member of Peak Prosperity's ...

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A collection point for news and data on the growing scarcity of key natural resources (coal, crops, energy, farmland, fertilizer, fish, gas, metals, minerals, oceans, ...

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