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Checking the lower 40 - a daily routine

In farming, the "lower 40" is the quarter-section of your farm which is at the lowest elevation. It's the most productive land you have, unless you have a swamp, because that's where the water drains toward.  We may not have ...

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local example: Palm Bay, FL church community garden

Today I visited the garden behind the Riviera United Church of Christ , in Palm Bay, Florida. The church members donate all produce to a homeless shelter, and in the process are learning food gardening in their climate. Should times get ...

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Square-Foot Gardening

If you have a smaller gardening space and want to increase your yields, there is nothing like Square Foot Gardening (SFG). It was invented by efficiency expert Mel Bartholomew, when he asked himself the question, "Why was a suburban or ...

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your friendly, neighborhood predators

Our sustainable garden is organic.  We don't use chemicals--pesticides or fertilizers--but we get by with a little help from out friends. We have five-lined skinks, various insectivore birds, black racer snakes to eat rodents, geckos, dragonflies, ...

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