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Consolidated List of Links to Existing Preparation Threads

In hindsight, this probably deserved its own thread.

By no means a complete list, but a good start.



Community Building:

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Making Green Houses

Here is an awesome DIY hoop green house building tutorial.

How to Build A 300 Square Foot Windproof Hoop House For Under $500. from Natural Living Ideas.  (Thanks Time2Help who posted this on facebook.)

This is a 12' x 24' x 6'8" size.

A frame is made of pressure treated lumber.  (A center frame/brace is made to strengthen it against wind.)

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Marjory Wildcraft - Free Home Grown Food Summit - April 6-12

Gaye Levy from "Backdoor Survival", , has an announcement about a free on-line summit that I think others here may be interested in.  Here's the link to the registration page:

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Welcome to the Peak Prosperity Seed Exchange

I'm setting this topic up as a place to offer excess seeds and plants between members.

To start, I have a couple of packets of ten daikon radish seeds, and a few extra Egyptian walking onions, which re-seed themselves. I will exchange them for other seeds of interest. Let me know what you have, and let's trade!

I also have some extra purely ornamental blue-gray succulents, which are sort of like hen-and-chicks but with a trailing habit suitable for hanging baskets. In the following picure, they are the ones on the right.

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the Export Land Model as applied to food

The Export Land Model says net oil exporters will, due to dwindling oil reserves, eventually keep the oil for home use and no longer export it. As an example, this recently happened to Egypt: Egypt went from being a net oil exporter to a net oil importer I believe this was one of the factors in their recent civil unrest, for when there was no sale of oil for hard currency to buy food, it made food very expensive for the average Egyptian.

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Suburban Foraging

I'm starting a new topic on suburban foraging. So much food is going to waste around us! If you have a neighbor who has an apple tree, pear tree, fig or peach tree that just drops all its fruit an no one uses it, why not claim it and store it?

A local church lets us can all their pears from a 30-ft tree, and a neighbor just called us over to pick 10 pounds of free honey figs. My girlfriend Sarah in the midwest is a pediatritian, but she cans all the neighbor's fruit that they don't want and gives them some of the jam that results.

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Locally Available Biochar

Some of us may be interested to know that I discovered a local (Ashfield, western Mass) source for biochar. Current price is $20 for 15lbs, which includes a $5 bucket deposit.  Here is the contact information:

Bear Meadow Apiary

Nany and Rick Intres

926 Watson-Spruce Corner Road, Ashfield, MA 413-628-3970

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Free PDF download for those new to organic farming

While this is written for folks who want to become actual farmers and sell their produce, it contains an extensive list of resoures for organic gardening, how to obtain land to grow your own food on, etc. Worth a look if you want to grow your own food!

You're welcome. ;)

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The Great Seed Corn Swap

The Great Seed Corn Swap

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Growing our 75% of our own food in our yard in < 1 year

We were able to grow more than enough food to live on in less than a year in our own backyard using permaculture methods.  Most of the plants are self propagating and live on ambient sun and rain.  We live in a working class neighborhood in a small town.  We have water catchment, solar water and 75% power from solar panels.  We have chickens and are putting in a tilapia/catfish pond, fed mostly by rain water.  We are trying to encourage others to do the same.   We made a film.