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Gas Consumption Way Down...

Gas consumption is way down...


We are back to gas consumption levels of 1998.  No way the price is back to 1998.  To me this indicates a lot of demand destruction.

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Fuel price predictions for the next 10 years?

I'm in the market for a new (used) car and it's got me thinking about what's likely to happen with fuel prices over the next 10 years.  Peak cheap oil is upon us, of course, but the decline in supply and increase in prices isn't going to be linear.  I'd expect prices to surge to new highs, then crash when the recession such surges would create sets in, then rise again when supply is constricted d/t decreased exploration and production.

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OIL Is Not a Fossil Fuel, and it is “renewable.” Can this be true? Ultra deep oil wells and “abiotic oil”?

OK there is a sucker born every second.  Maybe I'm one. Anyone know of this “abiotic oil”? Go to this site and read what this site has to say.


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Need to finish off my list of items I NEED to have in an emergency...but is using credit a good idea?

Hey guys,

OK second time writing this.  The garbage forum software this site uses doesn't work with Internet Explorer 9 so I can't post or copy and paste...My main question is: Is it a good idea to make a small short term (24-48) month purchase on credit if you are really concerned about an economic collapse?

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Definitive Post-Oil Thread

My original intent with this thread was to discuss certain Diesel options for a post-oil economy.
As all of us know, transportation is extremely valuable and integral to our economy, way of living and system of supply.

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Cold Fusion

Italian scientists claim to have demonstrated cold fusion



The Martenson Insider - January 8, 2011

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  • Why I Don't Trust the Official Inflation Numbers (and Neither Should You)
  • Combating Peak Oil with Wind and Smarter Electric Power
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The Future of Capitalism: What comes next?

With the current crisis in Europe, and with the defection of Famous People such as Jeffrey Sachs, perhaps the next event on the horizon will be speculation in the mainstream press on a post-neoliberal capitalism, a capitalist system which remains as it is now but has in some important way rejected the Washington Consensus.
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Will liquid ammonia save the day?

I just listened to the FSN interview this weekend with Matt Simmons.  I've heard Simmons speak several times and I've read his book.  Generally he talks about how significant the challenge of PO is and how urgently we need to act.  This time, however, he was hugely optimistic about a wind-power project he's working on in Maine.  One of the goals of this project, of course, is to produce electricity.  

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Another alternative fuel thread

Just found this link, not sure how feasible it is but I think some here would find it an interesting read none the less.

Inside specially designed reactors, Joule’s engineered microbes thrive off of sunlight and CO2. In return, depending on the type of organism, they can produce straight ethanol, diesel or a number of other types of hydrocarbons.

Although the process sounds similar to algae-produced biofuels, the Joule process is incredibly (and beneficially) different for several reasons: