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How To Create A Food Storage Supply For $5 Per Week

Although one can hope part of this is things you grow, can, dry or freeze - this is a great article on how to set up a pantry. Added bonus: you can use this food as a "savings account" to draw from on weeks when you have an ...

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Mainstay Vegetables: Carrots

These are some of the baby carrots I put in a stir fry. We had bigger ones, but the rest were eaten before I took this photo! Fresh carrots from your garden have a lot more nutients than the ones you get in the store. That must be why they taste ...

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Using up last year's bounty

This year marked a transition for us. Instead of the home-grown, home-canned or dried foods being kept in a separate place of honor as an oddity, they moved from our pantry to our kitchen cabinets and replaced many things we bought from outside the ...

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