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Another 200 bricks being removed from the first floor (we're living on the top floor)


Fatal Fungus Killing Bats at Alarming Rate

Biologist Explains How a Dying Bat Population Results in Damage to Forests and Farms

Fatal Fungus Killing Bats at Alarming Rate

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Save organic and family farming - STOP MONSANTO and HR 875

All of us here are well aware of what we need to do in the near future and being self sufficient is at the top of the list. The following links are to Progressive Radio Network and Gary Null. Gary is just awesome at dealing with health, finance and all things that are essential to life on this planet.

 PLEASE follow the link and read up on the proposed farm bill. HR 875. It will take our food supply out of our hands and hand it over to the corporations - if you dont think that this will happen you are mistaken.

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A CALL TO ACTION - Food Safety Bill

Hi Everyone,

This threatens small organic farms all over the USA.  Please post for all your contacts to see on other platforms also.

 All my best!



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Raiding US farms to prevent non-corporate food distribution

Hi folks..
Please follow this case to see how it turns out:

Ohio Dept. of Agriculture and Ohio SWAT raided an organic food co-op with guns drawn.

Corporate interests are doing whatever it takes to stop you and I from choosing not to buy from them. 

The resulting lawsuit against Ohio basically makes two claims: 

1) A violent, armed raid was unnecessary and illegal