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Prepping with a Camper/Trailer versus a Home?

So we all know Chris led by example and has a small farmstead in W. Mass, and many on here have done similar. 

But what about those who cannot afford such preps? Or who live in a more suburban location where it's impossible yet still want to have the option of something further away in a remote area?

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The Economics of Happiness

This may have already been posted, but I highly recommend the dvd The Economics of Happiness by Helena Norberg-Hodge, Steven Gorelick and John Page, featuring a number of names that may be recognizeable to folks around here, i.e., Bill McKibben, Richard Heinberg and Rob Hopkins.  It really frames our current fix and talks about how to move forward, localization, small scale farming, slow food, etc.  Also, some nice scenery.


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Locally Available Biochar

Some of us may be interested to know that I discovered a local (Ashfield, western Mass) source for biochar. Current price is $20 for 15lbs, which includes a $5 bucket deposit.  Here is the contact information:

Bear Meadow Apiary

Nany and Rick Intres

926 Watson-Spruce Corner Road, Ashfield, MA 413-628-3970

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Buying cheap land plot as a hedge

I'm moving to Moscow, Russia in a month, and am considering measures to protect myself against the inflationary and economic crisis that looks likely to come.

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Free PDF download for those new to organic farming

While this is written for folks who want to become actual farmers and sell their produce, it contains an extensive list of resoures for organic gardening, how to obtain land to grow your own food on, etc. Worth a look if you want to grow your own food!

You're welcome. ;)

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A Farm For The Future - BBC Documentary Film

This was last aired in on April 4, 2009 on BBC Two.

A Farm for the Future
"Wildlife film maker Rebecca Hosking investigates how to transform her family's farm in Devon into a low energy farm for the future, and discovers that nature holds the key.

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the Local vs. "Imported" Foods Challenge

Hi everyone. We all know that an event like war in, not necessairly with, Iran (air strikes by Israel?) could cause the cost of oil to suddenly skyrocket. If our suppliers are getting most of their food from a distance, and most of them are, that will contribute to shortages. I know a number of us are gardeners and we also join fresh food coops and patronize local farmers, but there is something else we can do. 

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HEADS UP: Watch Grain Prices Next 8 Weeks

Many may have noticed the rising prices of grains due to demand and supply issues past 3 to 5 weeks.

Our family continues to sell corn and soybeans at roughly 5 to 15 cent intervals of upward price.   The price contagion in many continued rises do suggest a supply and demand issue.  Example...many of our farming neighbors also are selling old corn and soybeans with little or no impact on price.   This, if it continues the next few weeks, should confirm the magnitude of the supplies vs demand question.

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Urban farming -- Detroit, MI

Seeds of hope in Detroit? Residents of the "Motor City" are starting farms on abandoned lots...  (note: the link to the article is in the title line)

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Good place to buy land/house in North East?

anyone know of some good places to look to buy a self sufficient type of homestead? I see prices in the Pocono region of Pa are pretty low. I love New Paltz, NY but the prices there seem relatively high still. Closer (2 hr drive ) to NYC would be great, but I imagine prices are higher the closer to NYC you desire. 

Maybe the Catskill region of NY?  Upstate Ct near the NY & Mass borders?