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Timebank Service Exchange Established in Western Nevada County

I just saw this announcement from Reinette Senum about the official launch of the new TimeBank in Nevada County.  Check it out and see if joining is a good option for you. Exchange some time and work towards making Nevada County an even more ...

Discussion - jasonw - Feb 23 2015 - 6:43pm - 0 comments - 0 attachments

Looking for heirloom carrots, onions, corn and/or peppers

I've really enjoyed growing rare heirloom varieties of vegetables this year. If you have any interesting heirloom seeds to share for carrots, onions, corn and/or cucumbers - I'm interested. I have 4 unopened non-GMO seed packs of radishes, ...

Discussion - Adam Taggart - Jul 25 2013 - 5:29pm - 2 comments - 0 attachments