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North Korean EMP Weapons

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Sudden catastrophe and movement

I was driving along the highway the other day with my two young children in the car when the radio kicked off.  Probably a blip at the station or a mountain I was passing,  who knows,  it came right back on.  But, it got me to thinking.  I searched around here and did not find exactly what I was thinking about which is - what if yu are far away from home or separated from family when a catastrophe happens?

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Lights Out by David Crawford is finally in print!

For those of you who enjoy survival fiction, this book is the cat's meow. It is a similar disaster as One Second After, EMP, and has been an internet cult classic for years. Sadly it has disappeared from the net in its full 700 page glory, but the 600 page, dead tree copy should really rock.

Lights Out by David Crawford