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Edible Landscaping as a Gray Man Defense

Arctic kiwi vine The Gray Man concept started out as a self-defense tactic. But it applies to not standing out in other ways. In general, unless you really know and trust your neighbors, one should not expect a kitchen garden to go ...

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Fiddlehead ferns

One of the biggest challenges a home vegetable gardening enthusiast has is finding perennial vegetables, particularly ones that can be used in edible landscaping. Other than asparagus and artichokes, what choices are there? How about ...

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Trellis on a wall: edible landscaping

I recently had a request from a new homeowner: she had a wall where she wanted to screen an unsightly view, and wanted to grow something edible there. What would I recommend?  I thought I would post the results of my research. Understand that she lives ...

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Pindo Palm

I just discovered another front-yard plant: the Pindo Palm Tree.   Pretty, huh? But wait - there's more. It's productive, too. Look at all that fruit! It can be used in landscaping on the USA East Coast as far north ...

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Growing Your Own Fruits & Vegetables

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is a process of urban agriculture , suburban gardening, or small farming of food for non-commercial use. It can be a form of ...

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