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White House Petition: Treat Gold & Silver As Equal Money

An online petition has been started stating that: We The People request the new administration Make Money Great Again; that gold and silver may freely be used as money alongside United States dollars. The Constitution explicitly recognizes ...

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VIDEO: Update on Ukraine & The Strengthening Dollar

Here's Chris' most recent weekly update video, in which he shines light on the continuing important story developing in Ukraine, despite the mass media's radio silence on the matter. He also addresses the recent report by Charles Hugh ...

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Chris & Mike Maloney Talk Money

Recorded while in Tucson, AZ earlier this month, this video discussion between Chris and Mike Maloney expounds on how our current monetary system has been created by the banks, for the banks: Note: If you're reading this and are not ...

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Economy Wonks

A forum for sharing news and engaging in debate regarding all things economic (BOJ, credit, currency, debt, deflation, dollar, ECB, Economy, Fed, Federal Reserve, fiat ...

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