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Crypto capitulation is here

Regarding the crazy crypto market. I sense he now have capitulation. Or course most of the market is scams and swampland with hucksters.  But... Next to those landmines are goldmines if you know where to look.  If you don't you need a guide.  ...

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Warnings against Bitconnect, Bitfinex, USDT, and USI Tech - Ponzis

Of all the exchanges, you can trade crypto - Bitfinex is my least favorite. They were hacked for $60 million in bitcoin from a multi-signature wallet?  That's never been reported possible from anybody else and they never explained how it happened ...

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Best way for a newbie to learn blockchain and crypto? Have some skin in the game.

I finally decided to do something about it.  After years of practice explaining crypto to people - I've fined tuned the message to the most basic ideas. I squeeze it into a one day workshop and include a digital hardwallet safe and teach about the ...

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