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Heads up on Bottle Bombs

I received an e-mail from a friend warning me and others about bottle bombs. It seems that a plastic soda bottle can be rigged to explode shortly after being picked up or moved. I thought it seemd like a joke but this looks serious. FYI and FWIW.

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Cutbacks force police to curtail calls for some crimes

If you come home to find your house burglarized and you call, we're not coming," said Oakland Police spokeswoman Holly Joshi.

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Militaristic Police Tactics and The Coming Unraveling

Excellent op-ed by Karl Denninger. First, I think it human nature to paint with a broad brush. Not all law enforcement are thugs. Many are dedicated, hard working brave men and women who pride themselves on serving their community. 

Their families live in town too. And so do their friends and other loved ones. 

But many ARE thugs. 

Let's face it. Too many. Way too many stories of military tactics and brutish methods used by police. 

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Feds Launch Dual Civil-Criminal Probes at JP MorganChase For Possible Silver Market Manipulation

I'm a skeptic. I have to wonder if this is a dog and pony show for the public. 

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Map Your Local Criminals!

I am applying for a Conceal Carry Firearms Permit for the state of Florida. Along the path of paperwork and requirements I needed to find the non-emergency number of my local police dept.

Well, I stumbled across these links. They locate all the the convicted (and released) felony scumbags.

Now, in the event of a SHTF crisis, any desperate person could become potentially dangerous. But wouldn't you like to know who's an already proven predator and know where they are? Even better there are pics of them.

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Help: Trying to decide if I should sell my townhome in Houston

Houston is one of the few big cities that has not experienced falling prices from the housing crash so far.  Sales have slowed, but since there wasn't much of a bubble here, prices have not come down.  However, that could easily change as the crises deepens over the next few years.  I have owned my townhome for about 1 year.  It is located next to downtown in a fast growing area for young professionals.  I'm worried that if things get bad, the neighborhood could be overrun with crime causing people to move out, pushing prices down further.