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Looking for heirloom carrots, onions, corn and/or peppers

I've really enjoyed growing rare heirloom varieties of vegetables this year. If you have any interesting heirloom seeds to share for carrots, onions, corn and/or cucumbers - I'm interested. I have 4 unopened non-GMO seed packs of radishes, ...

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Corn, a basic foodstuff

When the lights go out, if you find yourself unprepared you should at least be able to find corn in this neighborhood.  Eventually you might have to grow your own, but that's doable too.  Corn might be to us like rice is to the Chinese or potatoes ...

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Spread the Word: Label GMO

Hi everyone, I am sorry I missed the gathering at Hopmonk.  Family commitment out of town... Brief intro: I have been involved in preppiing and spreading the word about Chris' work for quite a while and my friend Jerry Allen and I brought ...

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