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Congressional Hearing On The Fed

Today, Congress is holding a hearing titled "The Federal Reserve’s Impact on Main Street, Retirees, and Savings" This is a must-watch event. So refreshing to see these important points raised to Congress: Dr Dynan Strong ...

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Washington, DC Resiliency Group

An information-sharing forum to foster a resilient community in the Greater Washington, DC Region.  (agriculture, alarm system, burglary, capitol, chickens, Chris ...

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Why Our Politicians Are Now So Ineffective

Here is a great article by John Rubino over at , explaining why governing has become such hard sledding of late for our politicians. Since they have enjoyed an ever-expanding pie so far in their carreers, they don't have any ...

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US Congress Defangs Enforcing Limits on Its Own Insider Trading

You may have heard about the STOCK Act. It was a much-ignored bill that sought to make insider trading by US Congress members illegal. (Yes, up until recently, it was perfectly legal for your elected representative to do this) After the bill was ...

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