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Getting Composting Started without mice

I have a couple of compost tumblers that are in a somewhat sunny location. They initially were mostly food scraps but a few months back I added leaves. There doesn't appear to be much activity going on. Does anyone have ideas on how to improve my ...

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SC Master Gardener Course: Composting

Clemson Master Gardener Training Manual As many of you know, I've been taking a Master Gardener course online through the Clemson University Cooperative Extension. I'm going to do a series of posts on the various topics studied, to ...

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Worm Bins

I'm about to purchase my first worm bin to get started with composting, but the proliferation of choices has me wondering if I'm going to waste money on poor beginner's choices. Does anyone have any recommendations for getting started ...

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Off grid living

I am interested in meeting those living off grid and gathering their stories. What type of structure are you living in? Did you build it? What do you use for energy production? Do you grow your own food? How do you handle heat and cooling requirments? ...

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