By jasonw on Fri, Jun 21, 2013 - 8:47pm

Things I will miss the most

In a collapse scenario or just following our current trend of a slow decline in our quality of life, what are the things that you cherish the most and would rather not live without? What are those irreplaceable items/conveniences that would make living really really hard if you did not have them? And what are you doing to ensure you and your future generations have those items?


World Made By Hand

How do we live with less of everything? Less power, resources, fuel, knowledge of how to do things.

How do we live now and 100 years into the future without the just in time delivery of goods and services? How do you ensure we can live healthy, happy lives (and the lives of our children and future generations ) when power and TPTB have failed us.  What steps can we take be more resilient and rely on ourselves more. 

These are the questions this group will answer and hopefully we will create a world worth inheriting - one made by our own hand.