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If You Buy Coins, You Should See These Photos From A Counterfeit Coins Factory

As if you didn't already have to watch for trillions of dollars or yen or pounds printed from thin air or created at the touch of a button by a Federal Reserve or Bank of Japan, Bank of England... Or just plain fractional reserve lending bringing ...

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Recommendations of small size coins

Any recommendations or lines of thought on what type of small sized silver coins one should have on hand?  1/4 and 1/2 oz silver rounds or 90% old US coins?  Looking for the best value for silver in easily usable and divisible means for alternative ...

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Introducing the Gold & Silver Group on

Today we're introducing the new Gold & Silver group on It's intended to be the best place on this site for readers to discuss all things precious metals-related. So if you own a little gold & silver, or are ...

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Gold & Silver

A resourceful community for those who hold, plan to purchase, or are helplessly infatuated with gold & silver (bars, best place to buy gold, best place to buy ...

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