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Have Your Say On Our Socio-Economic Future!

What is state, what is the difference between a man and a person and on what is relationship between a man and a state based on? What is currency, how does monetary system function and why is money issued and distributed in this exact way? It is really strange that the wider audience that has recently been disgusted with bank robberies now starts to justify such acts.

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The Unsustainability of Civilisation

This was being discussed on another group I belong to, and thought folks here would like to share it with me....
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Managing the collapse

I've started this thread because it's one of my favorite subjects, and as someone pointed out, it was off topic on the Depression and Marriage Problems thread.....  so here's what started it off on that thread:

ao wrote:
Davos wrote:

When you get down to it, as the smartest investor I know explained it to me: It ISN'T peak oil or peak any resource. It is peak population.


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Progress or decline? Or both?

A new member of our local CC group made the observation at our last meeting that it seemed to her the assumption underlying our group is one of decline.  That stimulated some very interesting discussion, but as it was nearing the end of our meeting time, we didn't have time to dive as deeply into it as I would have liked.  I wrote the following response and sent it out to the members of our group.