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The Erosion of Journalism

Good news! My magazine, Abyss & Apex was nominated for a Hugo Award, one of the two big awards in Science Fiction. Bad news; we are under assault by those who do not like our (alleged) politics. It's been an absolute primer in ...

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It Can't Happen Here - Excellent video from Larkin Rose

This is an excellent video from Larkin Rose showing how tyranny occurs. It's long but well worth the time. Please share with others. Thanks Rhare Hi Rhare Thanks for the video.  I only had time to watch a few minutes, but I ...

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"Investigative alerts" = "Writs of assistance"?

Thoughts? Investigatve alerts, arresting without a warrant. I had no idea that means such as this were available to law enforcement. The article states that Chicago and New York City have been using these "for decades". ...

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