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Chris Said Buy Gold Back In May, Now 8.6% Higher 3 Months Later

Chris Martenson said on May 23 to "Buy Gold Today".

Buy Gold Today (May 23, 2012) (Subscription required)
"I don’t often make market calls or indicate when to buy or sell, but...if you have been waiting to buy gold, or have a dollar-cost averaging strategy in play, today served up a very compelling buy signal for gold."

About Chris Martenson

Executive summary: Father of three young children; author; obsessive financial observer; trained as a scientist; experienced in business; has made profound changes in his lifestyle because of what he sees coming.

I think it’s important that you understand who I am, how I have arrived at my conclusions and opinions, and why I’ve dedicated my life to communicating them to you.

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Chris Martenson - Pfizer Executive or Cop?


I really loved Crash Course.  Much of it was info I kinda knew but never so well pieced together.  I have looked into the veracity of it and it seems to be okay, although optimists will quibble all day about unconventional oil reserves and the like.

However, looking up Chris Martenson, I do find two conflicting things.  His wikipedia page describes him thusly:

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CM's "The Crash Course" Book, Available Now!

You know that Chris' new book "The Crash Course: The Unsustainable
Future Of Our Economy, Energy, And Environment"
is coming out later
in March 2011. 

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On the Edge with Max Keiser – Global Financial System

November 12th, 2010 – In this edition of Press TV’s ‘On the Edge with Max Keiser’, Max has an interview with Chris Martenson of


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I just saw Cmartenson on Yahoo Finance section

I was surprised to see Chris in the Yahoo finance section. Here is the link Anyhow, I hope people pay attention to what lies ahead.

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US Debt to GDP

I was watching Chris Martenson's presentation at Marlboro Graduate School and at about the 11 minute mark he goes into US Debt to GDP.  From the graph it looks like we have about 3x as much debt as GDP.  However, I cannot verify these numbers and have actually found contradictory numbers.  National debt is approaching 13 trillion from what I could find, but GDP seems to be about the same (source was BEA).  I don't doubt Chris's numbers, but I'm trying to figure how to back into that graph.  Any sugg

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What Comes After a Trillion?

We have read this here, but Jim's intro I liked, a lot!

Also check out the Marks to buy dollars chart.