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Paradigmatically IMPUDENT

As the attempted preservation of the clearly unsustainable consumer model of GDP generation in the U.S. continues to undermine the foundation of producer countries, it is becoming apparent that in order for the producer countries to survive, there will have to be a recogntion that the currently accepted paradigm of “unconquerable decoupling” will have to be abandoned.

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"Coyote Ugly" and Protectionism

This is my first 'headline' post, and I hope I don't offend.

 I used to think it was funny when I heard the sentence "The USA partied and the rest of the world got the hangover".

 owadays I think of it more like this...

The party continued well into the night and went like this... a then came a BAD case of "Coyote Ugly", the USA fell into bed with a NASTY looking partner (years of bad debt EVERYWHERE and expanding money supply or makeup to hide the wrinkles and and saggy bits).


Biting the Hand that Feeds

In this report I explore a troubling (to me) set of statements made by Treasury Secretary nominee Timothy Geithner about China being a currency manipulator" and the possible impacts of adopting that stance.

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Is China manipulating it's currency?

I don't know much about currencies but I wanted to ask if this makes any sense or what the strategy would be here:

I saw this report the other day on Bloomberg. Why would Geitner say such a thing about China? What is the strategy here???

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“Be Nice to the Countries That Lend You Money”

Interesting perspective from the other side.

The Atlantic December 2008

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China Losing Taste For Debt from U.S.

This is one of the things Chris has been warning about.  If China is unable to support our debt, who can?  Seems to me that the same reasoning for why China cannot continue to buy our debt at necessary levels applies equally to Japan and others.  No?  And it's not so much an unwillingness to buy our debt as an inability to do so.

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China making Yuan international currency? Dollar impacts?

Another contributor, pov56, posted this article under a different topic (the one about what's up with gold).  It didn't seem to get much attention there -understandably, as it was off topic.  But it seemed important to me, and so I'm starting it under its own topic.  Per pov56 :

"Could it be that China is making the Yuan an international currency?   This is VERY bad news for the dollar and indicates that they will lend us much less.