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CFTC Comes out swinging defending Bitcoin and Crypto

The CFTC Chief Giancarlo - spoke at the recent US Senate hearing and explained what it means to be a HODLer of bitcoin.  He did us proud.     His great quote CFTC Chairman Giancarlo: “We owe it this new ...

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Blockchains and the new commodity of 'trust' - Crash Course

Verifiable trust without a third party Trust is the new commodity. The Blockchain invention makes it possible to monetize trust. Trust is the crux of the value in silver and gold. We trust that it will maintain its value independent of ...

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Obscenely High Concentrated Short Positions in the Precious Metals

Sometimes, a picture is worth a zillion words.  The chart above ( source ) shows the ridiculously high concentrated short positions in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. For example, it would take nearly 150 days of world production ...

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