Central Bank

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Libyan Rebels Establish Central Bank

(Shaking my head in disgust).


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the world's Reserve Currency is

Drumroll, please. The International Monetary Fund's quarterly tally of central bank foreign exchange reserve holdings has just been released. The largest allocation—at 62.1%—is given over to the U.S. dollar.
No, no surprise there, but still, the trend away from the greenback is telling. Year-over-year, the world's dollar commitments, as a percentage of allocated reserves, shrank 0.5% from 2008's fourth quarter. In the past decade, dollar reserve allocations have declined a total of 8.5%.

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Chinese Central Banker Characterizes America as "weak"

Chinese Banker Faults Greece Efforts

Zhu Min says crisis needs decisive action to show it can be solved; tells conference China should import more goods


A senior Chinese central bank official criticized the handling of the Greek debt crisis, highlighting global concern about the si

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If you love Central Bankers, please ignore this article.

There is some great stuff being written lately, inclding this article by JS Kim, Chief Investment Strategist for the independent investment research & consulting firm SmartKnowledgeU, LLC., posted two days ago on zerohedge.com

"Central Banks: The Pimps of the World Economy

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The IMF has been anointed as a global central bank!

Concerning Jim Rickards interview on CNBC...


Listen carefully @ 3:48

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Important Interview - When You Own Gold You Are Fighting Every Central Bank

On Friday CNBC broadcast a remarkable six-minute interview with Jim Rickards, director of market intelligence for McLean, Virginia-based consulting firm Omnis.

Interview: http://www.michaelcovel.com/2009/09/25/dollar-fun/

Rickards was asked to analyze an essay published in Friday's Wall Street Journal by Fed Governor Kevin M. Warsh (yes, the Fed governor who this month acknowledged to GATA that the Fed is concealing records of its gold swap arrangements with foreign banks). That essay can be found here:

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Panama Has No Central Bank

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America's Forgotten War Against the Central Banks

In this time of financial hardship, this is a must read for everyone. I
hope it makes you as angry as it makes me!  Yell