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URGENT - please help - the Internet is under attack from the U.S.

If this is a hoax it's the biggest one I've come across - I have to assume it's legit considering the websites talking about it.

Please help, especially you folks in the US - this couldn't be more important - it will affect everyone with an internet connection.


                    -- Deck  


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Wow, a double whammy on internet censorship literally within minutes...

I posted something on the CM News & Current Events message board earlier today regarding a question having to do with info on                   9/11 Conspiracy theories and news. My post was immediately disabled preventing anyone from being able to read it or reply to it.

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US takes steps to stop social uprising

Please see the attched link. The US is getting nervous about the idea of an uprising like the one in Spain happening here and are taking steps to stop it.


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Internet filtering our life. TED vid. Very good.

I miss true boolean searches. I've thought this was happening. 

Any ideas on how to fix it are welcomed.

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Censorship in Australia?

Welcome to Australia, comrades!

If this measure goes through, it could set a dangerous precedent...

Australia postpones web filter plan

The Australian government has postponed its plans to introduce a national internet filter that has been criticised as web censorship.

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WikiLeaks Documentray - Must Watch!

This documentary appeared on the ABC's (Australian Broadcasting Commission) 'Foreign Correspondent' last night.


I think this is very relevant as many people's perception of the state of our planet is perceived through the mainstream media which is being ever increasingly discredited as little more than shills for both governments and corporations.

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Cyber Czar?


Anyone else a little afraid that our new king will use this as a spring board to censorship and control of the Internet?  Dept. of Homeland Security = Patriot Act = Loss of rights to the American Citizenry.

This man scares the hell out of me more and more every day.