budget deficit

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department of homeland security

Did you realize that we spend 1.1 trillion dollars on the department of homeland security?

I saw something on TV saying that DHS had grown larger than the U.S. Army and was likely to continue indefinitely using the logic that since we have not had a major attack lately it was because of all the money we are letting them spend.


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Rand Paul - Maybe a step in the right direction?

Rand Paul unveils $500 billion in cuts


"Not to be outdone, Republican freshman Sen. Rand Paul introduced legislation Tuesday that seeks to cut $500 billion from government spending in one year alone, wiping out three cabinet departments and the entire foreign aid budget while sparing neither the Pentagon nor 2011 war-related funding for overseas military operations."

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The real meaning of "leaving a legacy of debt for our children"

Not wanting to sound like an Andy Rooney curmudgeon, but failing miserably:  I have some thoughts to share.

I have heard the phrase "we are leaving a legacy of debt for our children" at least a dozen times by various talking headst today. This angers people with small children and babies.  However to people with teenagers and grown children it's like: 

Good!  Serves the ungrateful little bastards right!

On a more serious note, that phrase is intended to tell the masses of voters:

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America's Fiscal Collapse

DrKrbyLuv Note:

Michel Chossudovsky puts a great perspective on our national cash flow:  (defense spending + bank bail-outs + interest on the national debt) = (the entire 2010 federal government revenue)

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Ex-Obama Aid Pick: "America Will Go Bankrupt"

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Even though he was almost a
member of the new Obama administration, New Hampshire Republican Judd
Gregg Sunday slammed President Obama’s approach to handling the
country’s fiscal outlook.

Watch: Gregg warns of fiscal 'crash'

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Federal Budget Deficit

I'd like to ask a question about the US federal budget deficit.  I'm posting it in this section because I think it's an example of making a number appear not as bad as it really is.