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Tell Your Story, Be In Our New Book

As many of you know, Chris & I are writing a new book. Titled Prosper! , the book focuses on the importance of developing resilience, and offers guidance on how to do so at the personal level. Where Chris' previous book, The Crash ...

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WEEKEND DEAL: Kindle Version Of Our Career Transition Guide Just $0.99

This weekend, Amazon is running a deal on the Kindle version of our book on career transition. It's just $0.99 to purchase.                                                             Get The Book For more background on the book and ...

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New Book: Get A Job, Builid a Real Career & Defy A Bewildering Economy

Charles Hugh Smith has just released a new book: Get A Job, Build A Real Career & Defy A Bewildering Economy . For the next 48 hours (until Tuesday night), he is offering a special 20% discount on the Kindle version of the book to his ...

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