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Real News not Fake News

Discerning Truth is an art. From the main stream media with millions of listeners, to blogs with a handful of subscribers, there is content galore, but no sure way to know what to believe.  Intellectually honest people want to know what is true and what ...

Forum topic - Oliveoilguy - Dec 3 2016 - 2:22pm - 33 comments

Homesteading Blogs

Does anyone know of any homesteading blogs? I know that there are many out there. Perhaps we could create a list/directory of them in this thread. Thanks....Jeff Re: Homesteading Blogs The Tiny Farm Blog Re: Homesteading ...

Forum topic - JAG - Oct 21 2009 - 10:35am - 4 comments

Not So Free Press -- the blogosphere business case under attack

Play on words with "free" press as in it will cost more money to blog as we have been. The linked Article highlights the Associated Press's strategy to shore up its business case and will undoubtedly have an impact on the blogs ...

Forum topic - mcafeejs - Apr 8 2009 - 2:38pm - 1 comment

Where in the World is Rice Farmer?

I follow the infrequent posts of Rice Farmer on his blog and have often wondered which part of the USA he is located.  Such pragmatism from a view closely connected to the earth sort of feels like listening to grandpa during a winter evening around the ...

Forum topic - Rosemary Sims - Mar 20 2009 - 8:26pm - 0 comments


Events are now breaking faster and faster, as we enter a phase of profound uncertainty. Keeping abreast of current news can provide you with an important edge by keeping you one step ahead. How this ...

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