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Using silver coins now

I tried to post this under alternative energy, but was refused. Hope it is appropriate here. My company, Homestead Inc. has been a distributor of B-100 Biodiesel for over 10 years in western Massachusetts. We sell only B-100 ASTM certified and road ...

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B-100 biodiesel in western massachusetts

Homestead Inc. has been selling B-100 biodiesel throughout western Massachusetts for over 10 years. We sell for over-the-road uses and for home heating oil. For the foreseeable future, we offer our certified biodiesel at the rate of 25¢ per gallon in ...

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homemade wine and beer and such

Cross-posted to the General Questions forum After we harvested the muscaine grapes and made grape juice--we just water-bath canned it in quart jars--it is time to turn to this year's pear harvest. We did not get many grapes from the new ...

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