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new Reality Show ‘Independence U.S.A.’

This January 2012, Join the Belcastro Family as They Prepare for an Independent Life Off the Grid

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Signs of awareness


 I have to say I'm starting to be impressed with the UK press, it's still 90%+ fluff and propaganda, but I've noticed in the last year or so a definite

awakening from the safe concensus trance...

 The guardian IEA story, AEP in the telegraph, and today... this:

 I guess you could cal it a condensed "Jekyll Island for dummies".

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Peak Oil Awareness posters?

Hello World,

I've been looking for simple, easy to grasp, attractive posters on the topic of peak-oil. At my work place, people do stick a lot of posters and read others' posters. A majority of the population at my work place are pretty smart and reasonably educated. Its often easy to find posters on Global Warming, etc., on people's cubicle walls. However, peak oil is still a topic that most don't "agree to". I've even heard some say "It better not be true!" and laugh.

Mission: Building understanding so that effective solutions can be created and promoted.

Build understanding, encourage small actions, then align with solutions.

Many people have asked us, "Where are the large-scale solutions to all the problems you have described?" and "What should we do as a nation to avoid the seemingly inevitable consequences of this fiat money system?"

We believe that we must reach a critical mass of individuals and ensure that they have an understanding of the ideas presented in the Crash Course, before any national or global solutions will even be possible.