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From the trenches of Eco Farm Conference 2015

Long-time member suziegruber has graciously offered to provide a live blog and daily accounting of her experience and the knowledge she gleans from the many great presentations and workshops being offered at this year's EcoFarm ...

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TreeHugger Organic Farm - Davie, FL

For anyone interested in Permaculture in a tropical environment, there is a permaculuture farm in Davie, FL that has been up and running for the last year.  The farmers there are transforming a former palm tree farm into a permaculture oasis.  They are ...

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The Survival Podcast

I'm not sure if you guys listen to The Survival Podcast, but if you don't, it's a great way to get quite an education in preparedness. Jack Spirko is up to 1173 quality episodes. I was on a few days ago if anyone wants to listen. ...

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I haven't seen this mentioned before, but am interested in experience/ideas others may have.  I have a few acres of land that has been mowed for a few decades and previously was used to raise livestock.  Dominant soil type is gravelly loam, but has ...

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