The Martenson Report - Second Leg of the Housing Decline Set To Begin (or Why Economists Are Dangerous To Your Wealth)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Executive Summary

  • Housing data is weak and just took a turn for the worse
  • Stimulus efforts were essential to keep housing propped up
  • The stimulus has ended
  • QE and stock market prices are correlated
  • What’s coming next
  • What you should do
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Red pill remedies

or ... what have you done that you never thought you'd do?

or ... where besides here can I find people who will applaud what I just did?


The Martenson Insider - May 14, 2010

In This Newsletter
  • I've got that sinking feeling…
  • The Financial Crisis Is Far From Over

It's Time To Prepare

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

As my long-time readers know, I consider my main occupations to be information scout, dot-connector, and analyst.  But as a side job, I also provide a decisive alternative to the mainstream economic propaganda machine, which is thoroughly dedicated to maintaining the status quo, regardless of cost.

So instead of building my case like a prosecutor, I am going to simply tell you where I am and what I'm thinking.

Everyone needs to prepare themselves for another round of economic instability, as the nation and world comes to grip with the fact that we are not going to enjoy a V-bottom recovery and that we are not going back to "normal"  -whatever that might be - any time soon.

We are about to enter another leg of the downturn, and this one will be even bumpier and more uncertain than the last.

It's time to prepare. » Read more

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What personal actions have you taken lately?

In Crash Course Chapter 20, Chris talks about assessing needs and taking personal actions.

What have you accomplished lately toward the goals you identified in the Self-Assessment? » Read more


The FDIC Is Broke - Now What?


Below is this week's Martenson Report.

It speaks to some enormous pressures and possible changes coming to the FDIC method of protecting consumer deposits.

Your faithful information scout,
Chris Martenson


The Coming Collapse


Our staff are coming and going on vacation over the next month or two and Becca and I are headed to Denver to give a series of talks and seminars.  We've done our best to assure that our service to you and the site will maintain its high level of service, but would ask for your patience if every so often it seems as if a response seems slow in the coming.

Moving along, this is an important report.  Please read it when you have a bit of quiet time.

All the best,
Chris Martenson

Mission: Building understanding so that effective solutions can be created and promoted.

Build understanding, encourage small actions, then align with solutions.

Many people have asked us, "Where are the large-scale solutions to all the problems you have described?" and "What should we do as a nation to avoid the seemingly inevitable consequences of this fiat money system?"

We believe that we must reach a critical mass of individuals and ensure that they have an understanding of the ideas presented in the Crash Course, before any national or global solutions will even be possible.